iManageContacts is a simple CRM that helps you keep track of the people and accounts your team interacts with.

Our web-based software allows you to save notes and email conversations for upto 50,000 contacts and customers. You can flag a contact as lead, keep track of proposals and deals. And when you win a deal, convert your lead to an account.

Your sales team can easily access the software on the cloud, create a contact, add notes and send an email. You can also standardize your correspondence using predefined templates.

Create tasks, add reminders and get automated text messages and emails so that you never forget to follow-up and make that call.

  • Easy access from multiple locations over the web.
  • Access your contacts on your iPhone, iPad, Android/ RIM tablets or any web enabled mobile device.
  • Upload your contacts from Outlook, Mac address book, VCards and Spreadsheets.
  • Create and assign tasks to co-workers.
  • Remember a customer's birthday.
  • Add meeting notes and track conversations with your customers.
  • You can print letters or send an email using pre-defined templates.
  • Print or Export contacts, notes and emails.
  • Find out how much business was won for this month or period.
  • Search for contacts in a location, area code, city.
  • Set a reminder to call someone back after 30 days.
  • Attach documents and signed contracts to a contact.
  • Monitor the status of your deals.
  • See your contact's tweets and LinkedIn updates.

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